We're the Django agency experts. For the last 10 years, we have built a wide range of bespoke web projects using Django and DjangoCMS. We have worked many of the most popular 3rd-party packages, and we have developed everything from simple websites to complicated SOA platforms.

By working with a wide range of clients, from developers and companies offering mixed level of support and Django website services from end-to-end projects to bite sized consultancy when required, we can offer everything from CTO-level support to retained delivery teams.

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What can we provide to you

From design, speed and security through to performance and scalability your project is at the heart of what we do, for this reason we understand the importance of picking a reliable software stack

Giving you the power to visualise the health of your application is important, therefore we use a range of automated and manual auditing and testing techniques.

YOUR idea, YOUR reality. Our producers will take your idea and produce the technical documentation used to give your project a heartbeat and get it live.

Application and server level maintenance planning keeps your investment sage.


We can offer technical guidance and product prototyping at any point, from the initial idea to the reboot of an established web site. We can usually offer you a '1.0' realisation of your idea within 6 weeks of contacting us, and we're able to help you recruit the right full-time development team to move your ideas forward beyond that.

We're able to bring our project management and rescue experience to bear on your project, to help you with architecture and refactoring decisions. We can help you find specialists in our network of Django freelancers to assist your development team, and provide team training to get your development process back on track.

We offer a Django code auditing service, providing analysis of all areas of your project from code and documentation quality to security vulnerabilities. Our auditing services can be used by potential investors to determine the quality of a technology platform prior to investment, and we always publish our findings in plain English.

All sounds interesting right? Here at FARM Digital we home the Django experts, if you want to ask any questions, have conversations or even enquire about our services please let us know via the contact form below