8 reasons why Django is a great framework for website design

1st February 2017

Django is self proclaimed as 'The web framework for perfectionists with a deadline' and is the chosen framework for all our client work. FARM Digital's Senior Software Engineer, Leon Smith looks into what makes Django so great.

  1. Mature Django was first released in 2005 and has steady been improved upon along that time. It's seen in the programming world as a framework that has stood the test of time by implementing well tested and battle proof code rather than chasing the latest fad trend.
  2. Scalable With its pluggable and flexible approach Django can scale to accommodate some of the highest traffic sites on the web. Pinterest is a recent example of a Django platform site that has been scaled to accommodate hundreds of millions of active users.
  3. Great documentation A piece of software is only as good as its documentation. Django has an amazing track record of having excellent documentation allowing developers to understand the intricacies and assisting them in using the framework to its full capabilities.
  4. Included admin panel One of Django killer features is the admin panel which is included out of the box. The admin panel allows staff members to easily & quickly perform admin actions from changing data on the site to resetting a user's password. It's so popular that other frameworks have had several attempts to implement similar functionality.
  5. Secure by default As Django is used by a vast number of websites around the world security is at the forefront of the framework, this is also reflected in its "secure by default" configuration. This means if you start building a Django application you will be protected by the latest techniques like CSRF protection, SQL Injection and XSS. You can read more about the top security issues in web apps today on the OSWAP Top 10. All of which Django protects against out of the box. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Top10#OWASP_Top_10_for_2013
  6. Free & Open source community Django is classified as a piece of "copy left" software which is a very open and permissive license allowing you to develop on top of the framework without worrying about legality issues, this is all backed by a strong open source community that allows anyone to contribute and improve the framework. You can see more about the open source community nature of Django here. https://www.djangoproject.com/community/
  7. Batteries included Being a framework written in Python, Django has adopted many of the same principles, the primary being "batteries included". Ever bought a toy and had to then go out and find batteries for it? With Python and Django you shouldn't need to go shopping for other parts you will inevitably need.
  8. Faster iteration The batteries included approach means you get faster iteration time for you ideas allowing you to focus on the business logic rather than reinventing the wheel.

Final thought

Time and time again Django surpasses my expectations on the simplicity of an implementation without introducing unexpected consequences. It's my preferred tool in my toolbox of frameworks as it's mature, stable and well respected within the community which pairs hand in hand with client expectations and requirements.

Leon Smith, Senior Software Engineer- Farm Digital

If you are looking to start a new Django / Python project you can contact one of our specialists to talk about your requirements on 01252 494060 or via hello@wearefarm.com

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