FARM Digital Launch SPIE UK

10th September 2014

SPIE UK is an innovative and committed provider of energy, safety and environmentally focused multi-technical services. Providing support services from initial design through construction to maintenance, repair and operation, SPIE UK are forward-thinking and put emphasis on green technology.

With five core business areas that combine to provide a holistic approach to construction projects, SPIE UK were looking for a digital agency that would develop a digital marketing platform that reflects their unique service offering.

The obvious challenge for a complicated brief like this is how the information architecture and user journey is laid out. The integration of a comprehensive sidebar navigation ensures that the user is constantly empowered with the ability to browse through the breadth of content and information available on the SPIE UK website.

The clear call to action throughout the site is through the 'Contact Us' button that sticks to the right hand side of the page. What is smart about this functionality is that the website locates where the user is based and matches the user up with their most local contact.

We also teamed up with video production company, ShootJam, to deliver a short film titled 'A Day' which goes through the life of a member of the Spie team. The video was created for HR purposes but it is still a great promotion of Spie's core values and service offering. This video is embedded in the homepage, creating a richer experience for the user.