HAC100 Youth Hack - Obfuscation Challenge

18th March 2019

The Challenge

A "Hello World!"" program is used to demonstrate the basic syntax of a programming language, and is often the first program that those learning to code write in a new language. "Hello World!"" is simple, compact, clean and efficient.

This weekend, it’s time to leave "Hello World" in the dust and make your own “Hello _____!” program. This time we don’t want simple. We’re looking for the craziest, most complicated and needlessly over-the-top program that ultimately displays your message. The complete opposite of a "Hello World!"" program.

Don’t hold back. We want utter insanity. We want ridiculous solutions, complicated execution and downright obscene code.

Some ideas we’ve come up with:

  • Go beyond plain text and find a new way to display your message
  • Code badly. Split up the code and functions into multiple files, use nonsensical variable and function names, repeat code instead of using loops and functions, etc.
  • Combine multiple languages or an Esoteric programming language
  • Tie your code into an HTTP API
  • Go crazy, be adventurous, try something new and HAVE FUN

We have also found some useful links which can start you off on your research for your task:

The Prize

Vouchers for an escape room at breakoutmanchester.com - 1 Per team member