What events have been keeping FARM busy?

24th November 2016

Let's start with our quarterly charity event Overherd, where we were joined by 50+ attendees from over 35 charities.

We had brilliant insights into the power and performance of digital from The National Autistic Society, Media Trust and Teenage Cancer Trust who all graciously took time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences in a peer-to-peer environment. You can view the highlights of the event here

The National Autistic Society kick-started the event by talking about their 'Too Much Information' campaign that focused on bringing awareness to your everyday person on what autism actually is and changing the way people react to a person with autism in public. This brilliant campaign reached 56 million people and they started to see overwhelming results right away.

Fresh from the EVCOM Clarion Awards having won 3 awards for films created on behalf of the charities Population Matters, Living Streets and Chance for Childhood, we were joined by Media Trust.

They spoke about the continuous changing landscape of video giving insights into telling statistics such as, by 2019 84% of internet traffic is going to be video content and 79% of web browsers are going to watch online content everyday in 2018. With their average budgets ranging from £5-£30k Media Trust took us through their approach to creating award winning engaging video content.

Lastly we were joined by Teenage Cancer Trust, Digital Communications Manager Dan Smyth took us through the organisation required by a small fairly new team when two of their biggest events, 'London Marathon' and 'Royal Albert Hall Concert' took place in the same week. We took a look into what forms of social communication worked best for the charity to target their audience, including an adaptation on user generated content by giving control to the young people they work with. Pushing less content but of a higher quality onto social platforms than in 2015 resulted in the highest ever engagement levels for the shows on Twitter.

All talks from the event can be found here

Now let's take a moment to talk about Glug, Glug is an event that is 'Championing creative communities around the world' so how is this done? Well, by the age of way of storytelling. Through making various contacts in Manchester and the surrounding area we have been able to source some fantastic speakers to share their stories.

October for example included Creative Director at Magnafi and One Minute Briefs founder Nick Entwistle who shared with us his success behind the NHS Christmas Number 1 of 2015. You may remember the #LoveYourNHS, well now is time to hear the story behind it. It was a brilliant, insightful and emotive talk that really captured the hearts of the audience and made you believe that anything can be possible when applying hardwork and determination. The very talented Steven Swanborough also spoke candidly about the freelance work he did for the BBC's coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Other speakers included Jordan Yates a designer who spoke candidly about his transition from University to agency life and FARM's very own Creative Director Alex McGibbon who focused on whether creatives need to spend more time designing for performance, Alex highlights how the average web page is now the size of the original install of Doom.

All talks from the evening can be found here and you can also find out more about the next event here

If you are interested in sponsoring, talking or attending either an Overherd or Glug event please email kat@wearefarm.com to have a chat about what opportunities are available.