Creating A New Digital Experience

We have transformed Shephard Media's digital presence over the last three years, taking 30,000 pages of content and digitising this through a paywall for a global audience.

The landscape that has evolved has seen the introduction of a mobile specific site, a series of data services, product comparison tools, iPhone and iPad applications, redevelopment of the online shop and the creation of Shephard Plus which ties all these accounts and services in together.

The Challenge

We needed to develop Shephard's digital landscape in a considered order. Each development project needed to stand by itself and each development project needed to create or improve revenue for the business to fund the next development project.

The Solution

We started by redeveloping the main Shephard website, this involved setting up a system to import their current library of 10,000 articles, give Shephard an administration area to support all of their journalists and create an authoring workflow for getting content onto the website. We then developed a mobile specific version of the website to help increase conversion rates and up third party advertising spend.

We then created the e-alerts system, which allowed for Shephard's users to receive the latest news articles posted to the website in their inbox daily. This system gave Shephard another advertising stream and manages 30,000 emails a day.

From here we created the show news feature on the website. This allowed Shephard to post specific news articles against the most important industry events and offering additional advertising opportunities.

Shephard produced a set of industry handbooks, which they distributed periodically to their user base. We worked with Shephard to create an online version of all the their handbook data which then allowed their customers to access this via a monthly subscription service. Built in to the administration system is functionality which allows for content to be reviewed on a regular basis and we sped up the process of exporting data for the paper handbooks.

Backed onto the monthly subscription service through partners we delivered digital versions of Shephard's monthly industry magazine through six iPad and iPhone apps and then created the Shephard shop allowing for both digital and offline versions of all the Shepherd products to be purchased.

The Results

The main Shephard website now holds over 17,000 articles, and advertising revenue through the site, e-alerts and show news has increased by 400%.